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Green Kaliya completed another fundraising round of approximately 6 million dollars; Millennium Food-Tech invested an additional US$250K in Green Kaliya


Millennium Foodtech leads $10 million financing round in Supersmart


BayWa Venture, the investment division of the German giant BayWa, will join YOFIX’s $ 3.5 million Series A round led by Millennium Food-Tech


Millennium Food-tech R&D partnership makes 8th investment The partnership will lead a financing round of up to $3 million in Nokku Millennium Food-tech will invest $1 million in the start-up's financing round Nokku is an Israeli start-up offering food and cosmetics manufacturers a data-based platform for management, marketing and distribution of product samples. The company's customers include Strauss, Tnuva, and Loreal Israel


Millennium FoodTech storms the egg-substitutes market: Will lead a round of investment in SavorEat subsidiary Egg'n'up according to a valuation of $8 million


Millennium FoodTech helps its portfolio companies penetrate the U.S. market: The company is planning to establish an entrepreneurship center in the U.S. In view of the continued growth in foodtech investments, and the American leadership in adoption of foodtech solutions, the Israeli R&D partnership collaborates with a U.S. real estate company to establish an entrepreneurship center in Philadelphia. The U.S. real estate company will fund and build offices for the partnership's portfolio companies and help them enter the U.S. market


Millennium FoodTech enters the plant-based daily alternatives market: Leads a $3.5 million A-class round of investment in Yofix, a company which develops and sells plant-based dairy alternatives


Israeli company TripleW gained a significant award of some €2.2 million from the European Union. TripleW, a portfolio company of public R&D partnership Millennium FoodTech, makes lactic acid from food waste, for use in a variety of products. The European Union will support the consortium Waste2Func under the program Horizon 2020. The consortium develops daily consumables such as detergents and packaging made from food waste and agricultural waste, using biotechnological processes. The partners in the project will be given an award estimated at some €6.7 million. Israeli biotech company TripleW, one of the consortium leaders, was awarded an amount estimated at some €2.2 million

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