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Millennium Food-Tech is an R&D partnership traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange which specializes in investment in and betterment of companies in food-tech sectors,. Millennium seeks to invest in companies which specialize in identifying and developing innovative, and transformative ideas in the food, drinks and nutrition industry. Millennium has an experienced management, proven solutions and a supportive network to develop ideas and start-ups from early-stage to maturity to exit.



Extensive experience in accounting and finance services for local and global companies. Oren has served as the CFO of several start-ups and incubators in the high-tech, life-science and food-tech sectors, managing all aspects of finance, from bootstrapping to maturity. Oren has vast experience in M&As, fundraising, taxation, budgeting and day-to-day financial management. Oren has served as Audit Manager at PwC Israel, where he provided financing and accounting services to a variety of public, private, and international companies and incubators. Oren holds a BA in Accounting and Economics and is a member of the ICPA.

Guy Rosen – Chairman

Serves as Vice-chairman of Tnuva, a representative of the kibbutzim in the largest food company in Israel, and as a director of Albaad and Altitude. An attorney by training, Guy holds an LL.B from Tel Aviv University, an MBA from the Interdisciplinary Center and is a graduate of the Advanced Management Program at Harvard University. Guy has extensive experience as chairman and director of numerous public and private companies, including Isramco, Israir, and Bet Shemesh Engines, and also has experience in the venture capital world as chairman of Maayan Ventures and as an active director in the Infiniti Fund China.

Chanan Schneider – CEO

An entrepreneur, CEO, and experienced investor in start-ups. In the past two years Chanan founded, built and managed the food-tech incubator in Kiryat Shmona, partnering with Tempo, Tnuva, OurCrowd, and the U.S. VC fund Finistere. Chanan founded IndaMed and managed companies such as Beta-o2, Nitiloop, and more, from establishment to market. In this context, Chanan raised significant investments both from venture capital funds and strategic partners overseas. In addition, Chanan was a managing partner in the VC fund Agate.


Experienced in business development and investment strategy with a deep passion for the food-tech sector. Yossi has extensive knowledge of the Israeli food-tech ecosystem and has spearheaded several initiatives in this field. Yossi has previously worked as a Senior Analyst at EY’s Transaction Advisory Services department and holds a CPA degree (Israel).

Board of Directors

Nili Tzur – Advisor

A seasoned manager who has led many businesses in Israel and world-wide to profitable growth in the consumer products and services sectors, with a unique specialization in food-tech and a mastery of strategies for bringing innovation into traditional markets. In this context, Nili managed a number of business divisions in Israel and overseas at Osem-Nestle, and also led the Wissotzky group.

Amit Mozess - Director

Has extensive experience and knowledge in the capital market. From 1997 until today, Amit has held a variety of positions in the capital market, from senior investment manager Harel Finance, director and member of the Prism Mutual Funds Investment Committee to CEO of Solomon Mutual Funds

Uri Eshed - Director

Sales manager at an international technology company and with rich and varied experience in technology companies in a variety of technological positions and marketing positions.

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