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Millennium Food-Tech is an R&D partnership traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange which specializes in investment in and betterment of companies in food-tech sectors,. Millennium seeks to invest in companies which specialize in identifying and developing innovative, and transformative ideas in the food, drinks and nutrition industry. Millennium has an experienced management, proven solutions and a supportive network to develop ideas and start-ups from early-stage to maturity to exit.

The food-tech sector: An edible change

Millennium was founded in an era in which there are unique opportunities in the global food market, since on the one hand, the global demand for food-tech solutions is growing, and on the other hand, there is not enough capital to finance the operations of emerging Israeli food-tech companies who have passed the technology feasibility stage. Since the use of animal proteins, ingredients considered to be dangerous, sugar, salt, and gluten is in decline, technologies are being developed for new products which are healthier and cause less pollution to the environment.

Food-tech is looking towards the future: We are at the height of a cultural renaissance, with accelerated technological breakthroughs leading to significant financing fueling the ongoing development of the food-tech world.

An investment today in a partnership specializing in the food-tech industry is an investment in the future of food for everyone.

Why invest with us?

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the investment

  • Because an investment with us will make you a partner in making our world a better and healthier place.
  • Because of the smart investment choice made by professional management, investments that will bring value to the owners of the participation units

  • Because changing the manner in which we consume food and drinks changes the world and impacts each and every one of us.
  • Because, in view of amended regulations, members of the general public can now also invest in groundbreaking companies in the food-tech world.



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