Millennium Investor Relations

Immediat releases


Triple W LTD (Portfolio Company) updated that its request to receive a grant of approximately $15 million from a consortium of European companies was conditionally approved


Yofix (19.05%) has signed an agreement with a foreign company to jointly market the vegetarian cheese it developed.


Phytolon (about 10.64%) announced that a project to develop innovative natural food colors was successfully completed


Aleph Farms(1.5%) received pre-marketing approval from the Ministry of Health for its cultured beef steak


Amendment to the investment agreement in Supersmart - the original investment agreement will be converted into Supersmart shares and an additional investment in exchange for shares


Approval of the Innovation Authority for Egg'N'up's grant request (17.46%) and entering into an investment agreement


A grant of approximately NIS 1.9 million from the Innovation Authority for the development of Green Roast's coffee roasting technology


SavorEat Completion of regulatory and standardization procedures for the robot-chef system (version 1.1) for the American market

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